Monday, November 2, 2009

Well I didn't get a chance to take any pictures but Aleah did very well in therapy today. She is working on getting strength in her legs, standing, and walking in the gate trainer. I cant remember if i posted her pictures of her in the gate trainer on her carepage but I will post them again just in case. I am really tired tonight, hope its not sickness coming on :( so I am gonna try and get some rest. Pray Aleah stays healthy and I will update again tomorrow.



  1. Hey!! I love the new pic of Aleah in her trainer! She looks like such a big girl and I am sure you are so proud of her!

    Hope you didn't get sick! Saying extra prayers!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  2. Ashley, Aleah looks just like you. And, she looks like a joy to have. Good wishes for her good health!