Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our precious gift

I have really been down a lot lately with just life, its gets so hard at times but when I look into her little face I am instantly uplifted. I have really just been thinking very hard about life and loving and how our time here is precious and so short. Please tell all those you love and care about how you feel. I do get down at times because of all of Aleahs medical diagnosis but I feel so blessed to say she is my daughter and I will do everything in my power to make sure she has the happiest life possible. I am posting some pictures of her, her eye is healing well and she is doing so great in therapy, she is getting so strong. Yesterday she had a hold of her crib bars and was trying to pull her self up and a couple of days ago she was laying on her side and scooted herself with her head to get to a toy she wanted, I know that may not seem like much to some but this is a great big deal because this means she is motivated to move for something she wants which is the first step to her becoming mobile. I would like to ask for special prayer to be sent up for Aleah. We are trying to get to the bottom of why she has her seizures, we are trying to figure out if she throws up first and then has them or if she has them and then throws up, please pray we can figure out a definite answer so we can figure out how to stop them all together. Aleah has been through so much and she deserves some peace and quiet, time away from childrens hospital, God love her I feel like she lives there sometimes. She got to play in the snow this week since we have had several inches of snow in the last week, she loved it! I will post some pictures of her make sure and check out how good her eye is looking. Have a good weekend!! God Bless!!

Feb 2010 015
Such a happy girl, her eye is looking good!!

Feb 2010 021
she may not look too happy but she was loving it! Feb 2010

Feb 2010 055
One of her fav toys her farm, it sings and counts and tells number and colors and lights up!

Feb 2010 058
Aleah with her other beloved toy her happy bear her auntie amber got for her!

January 2010 202
Because Valentines Day is coming up I had to do this one, mommy and her pride and joy!! I love you Aleah!! Feb 2010