Thursday, April 22, 2010

A much needed update!

Seems its been over a month since I updated this blog last. Aleah is doing well, but keeping mommy very busy. We are getting ready to start back in feeding therapy to see if we cant get her eating some stuff by mouth, majority of her nurtrition will be through her g-tube for at least another year or so. I would like to get her eating some by mouth so that we can then work on getting her off her tube feedings. She is continuting to make progress in therapy but did regress a little from her surgery which is to be expected. We are still working on standing sitting up and getting her head up while on her tummy, she is getting stronger and smarter everyday!! She has kept mommy very busy with doctors appointments the last couple months seems like she had a couple a week. She saw her peds for her checkup today, he commented that her weight and it has stayed about the same since she turned two so its good that it hasnt dropped but we need to keep and eye and make sure she starts gaining some soon. He commended me for doing such a great job doing all her care and said she always looks very neat an clean and that I have done a great job with her. Being a single mommy to a special needs child is very rough at times and that feels really good hearing that from Dr. Zainey who has seen her since she since she had her very first well check. For those of you who want to see pictures of her I post new pictures of her on my facebook page send me a request because my page is private and I will accept so you can view lots of pictures of her.