Monday, November 2, 2009

Its a typical monday

Aleah now has both her OT and PT on mondays now. For the time being because of all the sick germs we are not going for feeding therapy, we are going to just work on that at home, and to avoid having to go to therapy more than once a week we combined both her ot and pt on the same day. We are staying in the house other wise to avoid all these sick germs, its awful I feel like I cant take her any where, I hate that but I have to protect her. I am also cleaning everything down with diluted bleach, a family member shared that with me and she and her husband have been sick free for years, so Im passing that along to all the heart mommies. I actually wiped all door knobs, all light switches, all faucet handles basically anything that anyone touches, I really do feel it helps keep all the germs brought in from outside places down in your home. I will update later with some therapy pix and let everyone know how she does today, until then try and stay healthy everyone!!

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