Monday, January 25, 2010

Aleah is Doing Much Better!

Aleah has a severe seizure around 12:15am on saturday morning. I called 911 and she was rushed to dayton childrens by squad where she was put on a ventilator and stabilized, and put in the pediatric intensive care unit (picu) She is doing well now she came off the vent around 2:30pm on sunday and she is now smiling and playing with her toys. We are still in intensive care until they decided she is ready to be moved to the regular floor. Thanks so much for all the prayers you sent up, I truly believed the prayers and her strong will has got her over yet another hurdle so thank you so much!!! We are still talking with the doctors and trying to get to the bottom of all of this seizure stuff and what is causing them to happen. I will update again soon, thanks again for all of your love and support! xoxoxo

Friday, January 22, 2010

Aleah's Eye Surgery

For those you who dont know Aleah had a dermoid cyst removed from beside her left eye. The surgery went very well and she got to come home yesterday. She was a fussy yesterday after we got home but she is doing better today. We will have a follow up with the Dr. Bloom thursday to make sure its healing properly. Keep her in your prayers for quick speedy healing. Here are a few pics of her God love her heart she is our little trooper.

January 2010 183
Our little trooper Jan 10

January 2010 180
Aleah got a new toy from daddy after surgery

Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Big Strong Girl!!

First I would like to start out by asking everyone to say special prayers for a little boy named Logan, he had third open heart surgery at just 3 years old yesterday morning. He is doing well, just pray for a speedy recovery so he can get back to playing with his big brother Wyatt.

As for the title of this blog when you see the pictures that I post you will see why I chose the title. Aleah is getting over an illness that started on new years eve, it was a nasty battle with a respiratory infection and we had to visit the doctor on new years eve and take on a host of meds. She is doing better now but ever since then she has come across this amazing strength it seems. She will not stay still in her bed, I do her tube feeds in her bed some of the time. I will look at the monitor and see the back of her head because she has been sitting up and rolling her self to one side of the crib, or the other day I found her turned the other way and off her pillow!! She is getting so much stronger, and she did so good when help me grow visited this week. Help me grow offers theraputic services such as therapy and stimulating play to children from birth to age three. This week a physical therapist and speech therapist came out to play with her. The pt had her standing it was the coolest thing to see, and you should see how tall!! I will get pictures the next time shes standing to show everyone!! Aleah will have her eye surgery on the 21st, which is this coming thursday! We had to reschedule it because of illness so say some extra prayers for her, that everything will go fine! Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend!!

January 2010 044
This is how I found her the other day, a first!

January 2010 045
our precious little girl!!

January 2010 068
beautiful smiles!! Jan 2010

January 2010 121
our little hercules!! that music box is not light, she pulled it on her face by herself!!