Monday, September 13, 2010

Aleah's Third Birthday!

We had a great time with Aleah on her third birthday on friday. She had a Dora party and her mammy even got her a special dress complete with a custom bow made by mommy. She got lots of toys and pretty clothes, spoiled as usual :) She even got a dog named violet for auntie Amber that talks to her while using her name, spells her name says I love you Aleah, its so neat! Heres the best news of all.....Aleah said her first word the morning of her third birthday!!! At school they were working with her on thursday, teaching her to make the mmmm sound and sign for more. Well all morning she was doing just that, making the mmm sound and signing more, and her nurse and I were sitting with her and we were talking and just like that we heard Aleah, clear as a bell speak the word MORE!!! We were both instantly crying tears of joy because we heard her speak her first word. Aleah is such a miracle and continues to inspire so many people. She loves school and is doing very well, she loves to swing and loves circle time when they sing songs. It is hard to believe she is three and I am sad that I cant technically call her my baby anymore, she is a big girl now. She is so beautiful and we are all so proud of her!!! Here are some pix of her from her birthday, Enjoy!

Her Pretty Birthday Dress!

Mommy and Me, Look how big!!!

Dora Cake

some of her presents

Aleahs cupcake ;)

Aleah and her new pal Violet

Mommy's Card to Aleah

opening the present mommy and auntie amber got her

Looking back.......I thought since Aleah was three now it would be neat to look back on how much she has changed over the last three years, here is a picture of her when she was born and a picture of her now!! Wow how much she has changed in three years!! Aleah we love you so much and you have taught us all the true meaning of love and to cherish every moment!!! Love you forever!! ~your mommy

Our Precious Baby Girl!

Im three now, I am living proof of Gods Miracles!!

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