Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aleah's Surgery

I don't mean to spring this on everyone but it was pretty much sprung on me too. Aleah had two test done about a week ago because her GI doctor suspected she may be having some refluxing issues. Both tests show is having reflux all the way up into her neck or upper esophagus. I have a theory about this. I believe this is what is causing her seizures. I feel that she refluxes up and it blocks off her airway so she cant breathe and then causes a seizure. All of the seizures but two of them have happened late in the night while she is asleep. The body's muscles relax and so does the muscle at the top of the stomach that keeps the contents from the stomach from coming back up, this is why most all of her seizure have happened late in the night while she is sleeping. So now they want to do what is called a fundoplication. For a full explanation of the surgery and how its done search nissen fundoplication on wikipeida. It is a procedure where they stitch the top of the stomach around the bottom of the esophagus to try and tighten the muscle at the top of the stomach to keep the contents from the stomach from refluxing back up. She will be having this surgery on Thursday March the 4Th at 9:50am. Please say special prayers for her, she will have to have a three inch incision and they may have to move her g-tube to a different place in her stomach, if it gets in the way during surgery. Please pray for no complications, that her g-tube will not have to be moved and that her pain is well managed. I will update I soon as I can and let everyone know how her surgery went, thanks in advance for all the prayers sent up for our little girl. It means so much!!! xoxoxo Here are some cute pics of our precious Aleah from the past few weeks.

March 2010 011
Aleah on valentines day 2010

March 2010 030
Gosh where has the time gone? Shes getting so big!! March 2010

March 2010 035
Look at that face, precious!! Mommy <3s your little girl!! March 2010

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  1. Saying many prayers for tomorrow! I am very hopeful that this will work and help you guys to get some info on the seizures. I agree with your theory. That would make total sense! Good job Mommy!!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan